Marvin Weisbord

Pennsylvania, USA

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Marvin Weisbord consulted with business firms, medical schools, and hospitals from 1969 to 1992. He was a partner in the consulting firm Block Petrella Weisbord for 20 years and is a fellow of the World Academy of Productivity Science. Productive Workplaces (2012), now in its third edition, is considered a classic. He also authored Organizational Diagnosis (1978) and Discovering Common Ground (1992).

He is co-director, along with Sandra Janoff, of Future Search Network (formerly SearchNet), an international non-profit dedicated to community service, colleagueship, and learning. For more information, please visit

Discovering Common Ground

Do you want to take a whole systems, stakeholder engagement approach to strategic planning?

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Large Group Methods: A Shopper's Guide

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Lead More, Control Less

Can you really be a more effective leader if you give up trying to change or control people?

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