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    Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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    Mike Lapham is director and co-founder of Responsible Wealth, a network of business leaders, investors and other wealthy individuals in the top 5% of US income or wealth. Responsible Wealth members use their surprising voice to push for changes to rules that are tilted in their favor at the expense of everyone else.

    Mike is also a member of the Social Venture Network and serves on the SVN Board. Before co-founding Responsible Wealth, Mike developed low-income housing and AIDS housing for the City of Boston and at a private law firm. He earned a master's degree in Community Economic Development from New Hampshire College and a BA from Dartmouth College. He is co-author of I Didn’t Do It Alone, which debunks the myth of individual wealth creation and includes profiles of entrepreneurs who attribute their success to public investment in education, research, etc.


    The Self-Made Myth

    What if "pulling yourself up by the bootstraps" was actually a straw man, a myth, with no root in reality?

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