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    Robert “Jake” Jacobs is a principle in the global consulting firm, Winds of Change Group.  He works with companies, communities, and countries to help them get clear, committed, connected, and achieving common goals.  He has taught in Notre Dame’s Executive Education Program, the U.S. Navy’s Postgraduate Institute, Roffey Park Management Institute in England, and St. Thomas University’s masters program in organization development.

    Jake has authored or co-authored six books, including Real Time Strategic Change:  How to Involve an Entire Organization in Fast and Far-Reaching Change. He has also written articles for Strategy and Leadership, Executive Excellence, Leader to Leader, Strategic HR Review, and Consulting to Management.

    For more information and to check out Jake’s latest thinking on leadership and change, please visit the Winds of Group website and Jake's Winds of Change blog.

    Real Time Strategic Change

    How can you make change and improvement a part of all the organizational processes?

    You Don't Have To Do It Alone

    What if you could make collaboration an asset in your work and your life?

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