Susan Fowler has thirty-five years’ experience as a consultant, coach, and global leader in the field of personal empowerment. She is the creator and lead developer of the Ken Blanchard Companies’ Optimal Motivation product line and author of Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work . . . and What Does, as well as the coauthor of six books (three with Ken Blanchard). She is also a professor in the Master of Science in Executive Leadership program at the University of San Diego.
Why Motivating People Doesn't Work...and What Does

Based on the latest research and extensive work with hundreds of companies, Susan Fowler has a shocking message to leader...

Video Training Course: Why Motivating People Doesn't Work...and What Does

This video training course is all about why you should stop wasting time trying to motivate others and what you should be...

Master Your Motivation

If you want to accomplish what’s important to you, discipline and willpower won’t get you where you need to go. In this i...

Optimal Motivation Course Overview (The Ken Blanchard Companies)

Optimal Motivation® is based on the new science of motivation and makes the bold claim that motivation is a skill that can be learned, developed, and taught. Individuals can be taught how to choose a high-quality motivation experience at any time and for any task.

This program is available in a one-day or 1½-day format. It helps leaders understand that they can’t motivate their people because they are already motivated and that it is the quality of an individual’s motivation that matters most. Leaders learn that their role is to help employees make a shift toward an optimal motivational outlook.
Fuel employee work passion. Enrich Your culture.

  • Create greater employee engagement
  • Increase productivity and innovation through a more engaged workforce
  • Retain employees who readily endorse the organization’s efforts

Who can benefit:

  • Individuals interested in learning the skill of activating Optimal Motivation to achieve and sustain high performanc
  • Results-oriented managers and executives interested in best practices to facilitate people’s positive energy, vitality, and sense of well-being
  • Executives, senior-level managers, mid-level managers, or supervisors who need cutting edge strategies for tapping people’s potential
  • Human Resource professionals interested in creating workplaces where people achieve goals, sustain high performance, AND flourish

DELIVERY METHOD - Optimal Motivation is designed to be delivered Face-to-Face.


Blue Cross/Blue Shield Kansas


Kawasaki Motors

Available upon request.

"Guiding others towards unleashing their own potential in a positive and fulfilling way is a core leadership responsibility. Through the science of motivation, this book shows you how to do it."
~ Chris Lofaso, Vice President Of Siemens

"What a gift! Susan’s book showed me how to recognize choices and how to help myself and others create more meaning in work and relationships. I encourage leaders to read this book—but with a warning. They may get more than they expect. I learned as much about my own motivation as I did about the motivation of those I lead."
~ M. Paula Daoust, PhD, Director Of Blue Cross/Blue Shield Kansas

"We all want help to motivate the people we lead, to help them develop and grow in a productive working environment. Susan Fowler’s technique shows you the right approach, leading to both the best performance and employee commitment. "
~ Agnes Jeanbart, Facilities Manager, Unilever Gulf

"Every now and then a book comes along that compels you to recalibrate your philosophy and practice. Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work will scare you, surprise you, and save you from popular but ineffective ways of channeling the best in others. If you are a leader, parent, or someone interested in excellence, don’t miss this provocative and pragmatic book. "
~ Chip R. Bell, Co-Author Of Managers As Mentors

"Ever wonder why your consumers, clients, business partners, and employees keep coming back given all the choices that are available today? Susan will open your eyes, your mind, and your heart to a beautiful new reality of why they do and how you can make that choice to return so easy. A must-read!"
~ Tom Porter, Director Of HR Kawasaki Motors Corporation

"Susan Fowler gives us insight on how to improve both productivity and employee engagement. Finally, we have a book that presents not only a new paradigm for motivation but much-needed alternatives for how to apply it. "
~ Souraya Bouwmans-Sarraf, Director Of Amsterdam Fashion Institute

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