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    Leadership and Self-Deception

    How does your life change when you move beyond self-justification to self-discovery?

    Leadership and the New Science

    What can we learn about leadership from the breaking innovations in science?

    The Change Handbook

    What are all the ways people use to successfully change their organizations?

    Turning to One Another

    How can you engage with others to make real social change?

    The Serving Leader

    Can you become first in the pack by putting others ahead?

    Theory U

    Ho do you consciously access your blind spot and learn to connect to the deepest source of knowledge?

    The Power of Appreciative Inquiry

    How can I apply large-scale positive change in my organization (and apply it to my community as well)?

    The Power of Purpose

    How can I find a reason to get up on Monday morning?

    Open Space Technology

    from BK Fast Fundamentals

    Future Search

    Do you believe change takes the most powerful hold when it's done in a participative, whole-systems way?

    The Answer to How Is Yes

    Has our misguided emphasis on efficiency led us to do more & more of what matters less & less?

    The Appreciative Inquiry Handbook

    Need help implementing appreciative inquiry in your organization?

    Ideas Are Free

    How to get an employee's best ideas for improving the company? Act on those ideas?

    Managers as Facilitators

    How can you facilitate the workplace in a way that helps people get more done with less?

    Appreciative Inquiry

    Would you like a concise introduction to a practice that focuses on building strengths rather than fixing weaknesses?

    Robert K Greenleaf

    What's the life story of the man who invented servant leadership?

    Ancient Wisdom Council

    from BK Fast Fundamentals

    Humble Inquiry

    How can the right questions build relationships?

    Favorite Books not published by BK

    The Fifth Discipline

    The Fifth Discipline

    Favorite Causes:

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