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    Putting Our Differences To Work

    How can a leader leverage diversity in his workforce into innovation & competitive advantage?

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    • The Good Samaritan

      Debbe Kennedy posted a blog post

      The Good Samaritan

      I dashed out of a parking garage, mindlessly rushing down the street, acknowledging no one, only to be abruptly halted by a red light. I stood impatiently, grinding my heels into the curb, ready to leap out in front of the crowd at the first sign of green . As the light changed, an unexpected ...

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      April 4, 2014

    • The Will to Make a Difference

      Debbe Kennedy posted a blog post

      The Will to Make a Difference

      In recent years, we have all watched once-promising careers go up in smoke. Business life has been changed in ways once unimagined, since the advent of the global marketplace, a fragile economy, outsourcing, off-shoring, layoffs, and the uncertainties of war and terror. Many of us have found ours...

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      April 2, 2014

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