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The Best Teacher in You

How can teachers learn from their colleagues, and build out their undiscovered skills?

Leadership and the New Science

The new edition of the bestselling, acclaimed, and influential guide to applying the new science to organizations and man...


One of the most provocative and revolutionary books written on leadership, business, and organizational design, Stewardsh...


Leadership is about creating new realities. In this new edition, leaders will learn how to use the power of synchronicity...

A Simpler Way

Margaret J. Wheatley and coauthor Myron Kellner-Rogers explore the question: "How could we organize human endeavor if we ...

The Power of Appreciative Inquiry

Thoroughly revised and updated new edition of the bestselling guide to implementing the popular change methodology, Appre...

The Power of Purpose

Purpose is fundamental and gives life meaning. It gives us the will to live and to live long and well. In this new editio...

The Appreciative Inquiry Handbook

Need help implementing appreciative inquiry in your organization?

Leadership from the Inside Out

Don't we lead by virtue of who we are?

Images of Organization

Want a methodology for filtering out superficial management fads, & identifying what really works?

Positive Leadership

This is the bestselling and leading introduction to the new field of positive leadership, which helps leaders in all type...

The Introverted Leader

As an introvert, do you feel excluded, overlooked, or misunderstood in the workplace?

Action Inquiry

Bill Torbert and associates illustrate how individuals and organizations can progress through more and more sophisticated...

Complexity and Creativity in Organizations

Complexity and Creativity in Organizations is the most comprehensive and thorough book yet written on how the new science...


How can you be a force of positivity in every aspect of your life?

Leading Systems

How can we apply systems thinking in the field of leadership?

Paradoxical Thinking

How can you use your internal paradoxes to power your success?