How to Get into a Movie in a Theater for Far Less

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    How to Get into a Movie in a Theater for Far Less


    Multiplex (non-indie) movie theaters are getting more and more expensive while the people who work there still only get paid minimum wage. The multiplexes are also squeezing out the independent houses and independent films in favor of big-ticket Hollywood blockbusters. This also means less choice -- look at the movie listings for cinemas in your city and how they are ALL playing the same ^%$#[email protected] movies? Given this, I feel less guilty about this hack than most.

    What you do is buy your tickets from those electronic kiosks they have at the front. Buy the child's price tickets because they are a lot cheaper and in most cases look no different from the adult tickets. In any case, the poor ticket-ripper is not paying attention anyway if there's even a small crowd of people going in.

    Worst case scenario: Somehow they catch you. Well just say, "Oops, did I buy a kid's ticket by accident? Sorry!" 

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