Have you ever wondered how to make international human rights enforceable?

    99 to 1

    Would you like to know the true story behind the USA's dire income inequality?

    A Higher Standard of Leadership

    Would you like to know the secrets of Gandhi's inspirational leadership style?

    A Game As Old As Empire

    Would you like to know how the USA plays the game of economic imperialism?


    Want to know how to cure the disease of consumerism?

    Agenda for a New Economy

    How can we move from a Wall Street economy of "phantom wealth" to a Main Street economy of real value?

    All Rise

    Do you wish everyone had the same level of dignity regardless of rank?

    Affluenza (Enhanced)

    Want to know how to cure the disease of consumerism?

    Alternatives to Economic Globalization

    How can ordinary citizens fight the injustices of globalization?

    America As Empire

    What kind of empire should America be? The kind that ushers in the END of empire?

    All Together Now

    How can we move from a "you're on your own" country to an "all together now" country?

    Best Care Anywhere

    Would you like to find out how a terrible health care system transforms itself into a wonderful one?

    The Best of the Thom Hartmann Program Volume II (Audio)

    Historical perspective on ripped-from-the-headlines current events.

    The Best of the Thom Hartmann Program Volume I (Audio)

    American democracy's historical roots and present imperiled health.

    Building a Win-Win World

    Is there a form of globalism that's less like economic warfare?

    Capitalism 3.0

    Can we "upgrade" capitalism by reclaiming the commons?

    Campaign Boot Camp 2.0

    Do you want to run for office, advocate for a cause, or win a public policy issue?

    Citizen Wealth

    Do you think working people should be able to build a future that extends beyond paying next month's rent?

    Changing Business From the Inside Out

    Are you an environmentalist wondering how you can change your company's policies?

    Change the Story, Change the Future

    Can we change our culture's framing story to better honor humanity and the earth?


    How can we stitch the pieces of a fragmented community together into a vibrant, healthy one?

    Collective Visioning

    How can activist groups recruit and give full voice to a truly diverse membership?

    Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

    How can we persuade the USA to halt the loan shark practices of its economic imperialism?

    Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic

    What if there was evidence that micro-loans DON'T make a dent in long term poverty?

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