Berrett-Koehler Best Sellers

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    Leadership and Self-Deception

    How does your life change when you move beyond self-justification to self-discovery?

    Sold 1,500,000 copies
    Eat That Frog!

    Have you ever heard that the one big secret of Time Management is eating frogs?

    Sold 1,500,000 copies
    Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

    How can we persuade the USA to halt the loan shark practices of its economic imperialism?

    Sold 1,300,000 copies
    Love 'Em or Lose 'Em

    What are all the ways companies keep employees-- and avoid the incredibly high costs of replacing them?

    Sold 680,000 copies
    Get Paid More and Promoted Faster

    Do you want to apply the secrets and strategies used by the highest paid people in our society?

    Sold 650,000 copies
    The Secret

    What are the five fundamental ways that leaders lead through service?

    Sold 550,000 copies

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