New releases

    Eat That Frog! Video Training Program

    Can I watch, listen, learn and act to overcome my procrastination woes?

    How You Learn Is How You Live (Audio)

    Does deep learning really stop after college?

    Future Readiness Self-Assessment

    Do you have the 5 literacies and 10 skills needed to lead now and a year from now?

    Up Is Not the Only Way

    Learn how to grow your career and achieve their goals

    The Innovation Code Self-Assessment

    Could you become more innovative if you knew how your world views differ from your company's?

    The New Leadership Literacies

    How can I lead when everything is changing so fast?

    Eat That Frog! Cards

    Will these cards really help me stop procrastinating?

    The Mood Elevator

    Can I really improve my mood by cultivating new mental habits?

    The Innovation Code Card Game

    Am I an Artist, Athlete, Sage, or Engineer?

    The Innovation Code

    How can I transform conflict at work into innovation opportunities?

    Eat That Frog! Action Workbook

    Do your Actions not meet with your Intentions to stop procrastinating?

    Communicate Like a Leader

    Is it true that people don't leave their organization, they leave their boss?

    Collaborating with the Enemy

    Ever had to work with people you don't agree with or trust?

    Breaking Through Gridlock

    Use the power of authentic conversations to get create a better world.

    The Transformational Consumer Self-Assessment

    Do your customers trust you to help them fulfill their needs and desires? Test yourself.

    Capitalists Arise! (Audio)

    Listen to how capitalists can end income inequality.

    Completing Capitalism (Audio)

    Listen to how Capitalism can heal the world.

    Completing Capitalism

    Capitalism can heal the world. If we want it to.

    Capitalists Arise!

    Capitalists really can help end income inequality.

    The Millennial Myth

    Unlocking and harnessing modern talent will be the key to survival in the future. Are you prepared to lead?

    Eat That Frog!

    Why is there such a big disconnect between the things you want to get finished and the things you finish?

    How You Learn Is How You Live

    Does deep learning really stop after college?

    Stop Guessing

    Get to the right answer quickly and effectively.

    The Driver in the Driverless Car

    Does technology control you or do you control technology?

    Cultural Intelligence

    Do you want to learn techniques that apply to cross-cultural communication with any culture?

    Permission to Speak Freely

    How honest can I really be in speaking my mind at work?

    Leaders Made Here

    Are true leaders really born, or can you learn it?