New releases

    Awakening Compassion at Work

    If you give more than you get at work, can you move ahead?

    Pacing for Growth

    How do you speed up when you down?

    The Transformational Consumer

    Do your customers trust you to help them fulfill their needs and desires?

    Crunch Time

    Can you throw strikes under pressure in the workplace?

    Humility Is the New Smart

    Why do humble people finish first in the long run?

    A Leadership Kick in the Ass

    Did you boss tell you to stop brown-nosing?

    Culture Crossing

    What nice hand gesture in your country can get you in trouble in another?

    Leading with Character and Competence

    Is leadership a question of character or competence?

    The Leadership Genius of Julius Caesar

    How can leaders inspire passionate loyalty from their followers?

    Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For

    How can new leaders overcome their biggest challenges?

    Theory U

    How do you consciously access your blind spot and learn to connect to the deepest source of knowledge? The second edition...