New releases

    Breaking Through Gridlock

    Use the power of authentic conversations to get create a better world.

    The Revolution Where You Live

    Are you looking for change beyond your own backyard?

    The Shareholder Action Guide

    How can shareholders make a difference for social good?

    The Art of Community

    Can communities be built, or must they arise spontaneously?

    The Gift of Anger

    How can you be strategic with your outrage?

    From Crisis to Calling

    We are often confronted with choices where morality and pragmatism seem to be at odds. In these situations leaders are supposed...

    The Vanishing American Corporation

    We love to criticize corporate behavior, but honestly, what would the world be like without them? That may be where we're headed.

    The Reunited States of America

    How can we change our political process, when the government is being held hostage by poisonous partisan gridlock?

    The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

    Featuring fifteen explosive new chapters, this new edition of the New York Times bestseller brings the story of Economic Hit Men...

    When Money Talks

    We’re no longer conducting elections, we’re holding auctions. How can we return free speech to the people, not the biggest bankroll?...

    Lean Startups for Social Change

    What does the Lean Startup model have to do with the social sector?

    The Ecology of Law

    What can our legal system do to contribute to solving the great crises of our times?

    How the Poor Can Save Capitalism

    Can empowering the lower class save America's economy?

    The Anatomy of Peace

    What's at the root of all conflict, whether interpersonal or international?

    The Sisters Are Alright (Audio)

    Everyone seems to have an opinion about American black women—they need to get married, change their hair, act like “ladies,” and...

    The Sisters Are Alright

    What is wrong with black women? Here's a new answer... how about NOTHING!!!


    Are you tired of polarized discussion of controversial issues, and wanting more focus on healing and problem-solving?

    The Resilient Investor

    How can you prepare not just your finances, but also your life, to be ready for whatever the unexpected future might hold?

    The Orbital Perspective (Enhanced)

    From space, the world looks so small and precious- why can't we all collaborate to make it a better place?

    Change the Story, Change the Future

    Can we change our culture's framing story to better honor humanity and the earth?

    The Orbital Perspective

    From space, the world looks so small and precious- why can't we all collaborate to make it a better place?

    Walk Out Walk On (Audio)

    How can someone "walk out" of limiting beliefs and "walk on" to create healthy, resilient communities?

    Rebalancing Society

    How can we get society back in balance?