New releases

    The Complete Guide to Government Contract Types

    Explore how to assess a wide range of factors to determine which contract type will provide the government the best value...

    Anytime Coaching

    Transform your workplace into a well of learning and employee potential fulfilled with the help of this book!

    Winning with Past Performance

    Use past performance to win contracts at the lowest risk and cost

    Project Management for Small Projects

    Learn project management processes, tools, and techniques that are scalable and adaptable to small projects.

    Great Lessons in Project Management

    Learn and understand the tools, techniques and methods needed to clarify difficult or problematic ethical situations and ...

    The Project Management Answer Book

    This guide will give you a bare-bones look at overcoming all obstacles in program management!

    Breakthrough Business Analysis

    Turn your business analysis into something based in strategy, innovation, and leadership!

    Key Case Law Rules for Government Contract Formation

    Bridging the gap of understanding between the legal and the contracting communities, this book is a much-needed addition ...

    The Risk Doctor's Cures for Common Risk Ailments

    This book gives practical advice based on sound risk management principles and real-life cases.

    Optimizing Talent in the Federal Workforce

    Learn how to recruit, support, and inspire your employees in the public sector

    98 Opportunities to Improve Management in Government

    Government managers face myriad challenges every day. Learn how to meet goals while reaching your own potential in govern...

    The Government Manager's Guide to Contract Law

    Confused by Government contracts? Look no further than here to get the ins and outs of federal contracts!

    The Government Manager's Guide to Leading Teams

    Inspire and direct a cooperative team with the help of this book!

    Human Capital Management

    This unique book describes how HCM provides a bridge between human resource management and business strategy.

    The Government Manager's Guide to The Statement of Work

    What is a statement of work? Peek inside for help navigating the complications in federal planning!

    The Government Manager's Guide to Earned Value Management

    Learn how to maximize earned value management as a project management resource.

    Maximizing Project Success through Human Performance

    Learn about assessing problems and developing success through understanding human dynamics and psychology

    The Government Manager's Guide to Project Management

    Source seletion can be a confusing subject, but this book will give you the clarity needed to make decisions geared for s...

    The Government Manager's Guide to the Work Breakdown Structure

    Work breakdown structures are implemental in creating systems that work for public servants.

    The Government Manager's Guide to Strategic Planning

    Create a work flow to account for the issues you expect and the problems you don't!

    The Government Manager's Guide to Plain Language

    Confused by federal project management? This book will have the answers to your questions!

    The Government Manager's Guide to Source Selection

    Even the most carefully crafted contract cannot repair the adverse mission impact of making a poor source selection decis...

    The Government Manager's Guide to Appropriations Law

    This guide offers sound and easy-to-apply advice to help government managers deal with appropriated funds properly and le...

    Strategies for Project Sponsorship

    Clear up confusion and optimize the role of project sponsorship in your organization!

    The Government Manager's Guide to Contract Negotiation

    Learn to be an ideal contractor when working with federal contracts! Learn to be an ideal contractor when working with fe...

    Maximizing Project Value

    Look inside to read about optimizing the tradeoff between project value and business value, two values that are constantl...

    Managing Federal Government Contracts

    An accessible resource you can trust for authoritative answers on government contracts

    Federal Contracting Made Easy

    The easy road to undertanding Federal Contracts

    Navigating Federal Travel

    Read this if you are a federal employee trying to reach the retirement of your dreams!

    Cost-Based Pricing

    Guidebook to determining price based on need in federal capacities

    The Inside Guide to the Federal IT Market

    The Inside Guide to the Federal IT Market penetrates the haze of jargon and apparent complexity to reveal the inner worki...

    The IT Project Management Answer Book

    For experienced managers looking for new tools and skills to help them pass their PMP or other certification exams, this ...