David Marshall is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Previously, David was the head of the editorial department at Berrett-Koehler. He joined the company in 2007. David is software industry veteran who received his MBA from Harvard Business School with concentration in technology marketing and international business. He is also a best-selling coauthor of prompted journals that foster family communication including The Book of Myself, The Book of Us, and What I Love About You (almost 1 million copies sold). The newest books from David and Kate Marshall are My Life Map: A Journal to Help You Shape Your Future, What I Love About You, Mom; and The Book of You: For My Child With Love, all published by Penguin Random House.

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    Life Planning, Family Communication & Storytelling, Personal Finance


    Harvard Business School



    Fees available upon request.

    My Life Map review: "An intriguing look at he age-old question of the pursuit of the good life. A must-read for anyone facing the "What's next? moment in life"  -- Richard Leider, author of Repacking Your Bags, The Power of Purpose, and Life Reimagined

    My Life Map review: "A book of many gifts: reflections that led to deep personal insight, practices for seeing one's entire life in perspective, guidance for knowing ourselves better, and simple maps for actively creating our future. A true gem that I will gift to many people."  -- Margaret J. Wheatley, bestselling author of Leadership and the New Science, Turning to One Another, Perseverance, So Far from Home, Walk Out Walk On