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    Elizabeth Doty is a consultant, coach, and facilitator specializing in how people participate in large organizations while staying true to themselves and being a positive force -- however they define those.

    Since earning her MBA from Harvard and joining a reengineering firm in 1991, she has both subscribed to the ""official story"" of business and lived through the contradictions and absurdities of eneryday organizational life. Time in the trenches in a variety of industries, including 11 years in hospitality management, has allowed her to talk with over 400 people about the challenges, triumps and dilemmas of doing work they are proud of.

    In late 1993 she founded Leadership Momentum, a consulting firm that uses story and systems thinking to help leaders resolve complex operational and leadership issues. Current and past clients include Intuit, Camp, Dresser, McKee, Stanford University, Skillsoft, Hewlett Packard, Archstone-Smith, and CTB/McGraw-Hill.

    Ms. Doty has presented at Systems Thinking in Action, the Business Ethics Network, and the Bay Area Society for Organizational Learning, and been published in the Pfeiffer HRM Annual and Strategy + Business magazine. From 2004-2006, she assisted Dr. William Ury in researching examples for his book, The Power of A Positive No.

    The Compromise Trap

    How can you keep from compromising your principles within an organization?


    Team Alignment

    A team with high engagement, integrity and alignment operates in a completely different league than those that limp along with fragmented commitments. Leadership Momentum partner with leaders and their teams to form the solid agreements, shared aims, and genuine respect that enable coordinated momentum – whether you are a new team or an existing team changing direction.

    Cross-Functional Collaboration

    Leadership Momenturm helps you dissolve historical limits to collaboration and unleash collective competence, even across organizational boundaries -- by uncovering ways to better coordinate work, reduce unnecessary effort, and use constructive conflict to reach better solutions.

    Hidden Costs of Compromise

    Leadership Momentum can partner with your team to conduct an “opportunity scan” to identify where compromise may be undermining customer loyalty, employee engagement, long-term shareholder value, or the core of your values-based business. We can then help you craft practical decision-guidelines based on your values and priorities to help your team weigh healthy and unhealthy compromise up front, where it has the most impact.

    Learning Communities

    Semi-formal communities are the natural unit for learning in most organizations. We can help you grow learning communities that actively partner with the business, helping them craft strategic learning agendas  and build the formal and informal processes that keep them engaged, focused, and creative.


    Help for Executives Dealing with Conflict, Politics, Values and Change

    Leadership Momentum can serve as your "secret weapon", thought partner and coach as you confront the challenges of mergers, reorganizations, organizational politics and trying to mobilize your team amidst turbulence.

    We work best with pragmatic yet visionary leaders who lean toward collaboration, value and values even as they deal with the realities of organizational life. We function as a thought partner and coach, helping you and your team structure messy problems and invent new solutions, with a style that invites collaboration and creativity rather than posturing. Here are some of the challenges we can help with:

    • Crises related to conflict, values or personal priorities
    • Cross-functional conflict and collaboration
    • Renegotiating expectations and resources
    • Managing the tidal wave of change
    • Saying No effectively
    • Creating more collaborative working relationships
    • Mobilizing teams amidst turbulence
    • Making time where there is none
    • Recognizing the process and communication “leaks”
    • Uncovering unintentional compromises that erode employee commitment
    • Using peer-learning methods to solve problems and innovate

    We generally work on a retainer with a three-month minimum, so we can get to know our clients’ context, goals, and challenges. We are available for regularly scheduled meetings, as well as ad hoc emails and phone calls. The process begins with a 2-hour conversation to explore your goals and challenges, after which we develop a customized plan to help you achieve the results you envision.

    Intuit, Cisco, Stanford University, Skillsoft, Hewlett Packard, Archstone-Smith, Sungevity, and CTB/McGraw-Hill

    Available upon request.

    “The results have been impressive! The concepts taught are now part of our everyday language… thank you for your impact!” – Molly Scholes, Skillsoft

    “Thank you for such a thought-provoking presentation on a powerful subject!” — Robyn Kautz, Business Ethics Network

    “Elizabeth is an incredibly energetic leader and an inspiration to be around. Her work has been incredibly influential in my thinking about leadership and the opportunity to energize and mobilize people toward their goals.”
    –Michele Goins, former CIO, Juniper Networks

    “Elizabeth’s work has had a profound impact on me and my work.” — Roy D. Shapiro, Phillip Caldwell Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

    “Through Elizabeth’s work… we saw what had begun as an extremely discouraging downward spiral turned into a very product upward spiral.”
    — Susan Hollingshead, Chief People Officer, Sungevity

    “Elizabeth Doty has a phenomenal ability to structure chaotic, messy problems in a way that surfaces opportunity.” — Joe Durzo, Executive Vice President, Energie Lighting

    “[The upward spiral approach] pointed us to higher-order opportunities and helped the organization to link activities that, on the surface, seemed to be unconnected. Best of all we were able to use the upward spiral in conjunction with other employee engagement models, tools, and survey instruments.” — Todd Slingsby, Risk Management Solutions

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