The Six Dimensions of Project Management

Project management can be complex! This book will add new layers to understanding the depths of being the ultimate progra...

Right-Brain Project Management

This book sheds a unique and hopeful light on conquering the challenges of contemporary projects!

IT Maintenance

This book helps readers understand how to apply modified project management best practices.

Professionalizing Business Analysis

Learn both the strategic and tactical roles of the business analyst!

Unearthing Business Requirements

Collaborate more effectively with project, and other core team, members

Getting It Right

Examine the complete spectrum of business requirement analysis from preparation through documentation with this importan...

The Art and Power of Facilitation

Develop tools to facilitate with skill and integrity!

From Analyst to Leader

Learn about analysts challenging leadership role as they become strategic leaders of change for their organizations.

The Cornerstones of Engaging Leadership (with CD)

Learn how to unleash the potential of others and inspire effective performance.

The Five Commitments of a Leader (with CD)

Elevate your potential and success as a leader with this inspirational book and CD!

Managing Politics and Conflict in Projects

Learn how to navigate the many facets of communication within project groups

Federal IT Capital Planning and Investment Control (with CD)

Written from a practitioner’s perspective, this book covers a range of topics designed to provide both strategic and oper...

Plain Language in Government Writing

Clear and concise insight into government writing!

Performance Budgeting (with CD)

Change the form and structure in which you implement performance budgeting!

Transforming Public and Nonprofit Organizations

What is transformational stewardship? Learn how to build organizations that are change-centric!

Work Breakdown Structures for Projects, Programs, and Enterprises

Understand how the WBS aids in the planning and management of all functional areas of project management

The Government Subcontractor's Guide to Terms and Conditions

This guide will walk a subtractor through all the nuances of terms and conditions!!

Managing Complex Projects

This book explains step-by-step how to use the Project Complexity Model to determine the approach needed to manage all as...

The Project Manager's Guide to Making Successful Decisions

Learn the importance of good decision-making to project success

Strategic Leadership

Learn how to efficiently create leaders within the military!

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