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    Mission, Inc.
    By Kevin Lynch, Julius Walls, Jr.

    What makes the difference between success and failure for a social enterprise?

    Share This!
    By Deanna Zandt

    How can we use the Internet to change the narrative & get marginalized voices heard?

    The New Social Learning
    By Tony Bingham, Marcia Conner

    How can you use social media as a training tool? How can it foster collaboration & innovation in business?

    The Connect Effect
    By Michael Dulworth

    How can you take a conscious, systematic approach to networking?

    Networking for People Who Hate Networking
    By Devora Zack

    Do you hate networking, but wish you could get the hang of it?


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    Open Book Editions

    The Rival

    How can we create longevity in collaboration?

    Legends and Stories for a Compassionate America
    By Luigi Morelli

    How can we revive the American dream and stay true to our founding impulses?

    Whirlwind and Storm
    By Charles E. Farnsworth

    What was it like to be a cavalry officer in one of the most tumultuous periods of American history?

    The Road from Empire to Eco-Democracy
    By Gene Marshall, Ben Ball, Marsha Buck, Ken Kreuziger, Alan Richard

    How can we really change the system instead of just employing bandaid solutions?

    If You Needed Me
    By Lee Lowry

    What are the challenges of late love and second marriage?



    Strength and Determination on the Pampas
    The economic collapse in Argentina reached Western headlines in December 2001 but devastated that country’s rural heartland well before that. Luci de Cornelis and her family faced economic...

    ASJA, Crowd-Sourcing, and the oncoming glut of self published ebooks.
    Last Sunday, I visited the Berkeley Public Library with Holly and Emily to see David Marshall speak at "E-Books, Apps, and Clouds" lectures hosted by ASJA, the American Society of Journalists and...

    Why a Great Platform Might Not Land You a Book Contract
    Know Your Platform, and Know How to Use It It is no secret that publishers are focused on the platform of a prospective author.  In case you have made it to this blog without know what that is,...

    Creating a Graduate School for Sustainable Business
    After twenty-plus years of successfully consulting to Fortune 500 companies on “intrapreneurship,” and a short, but lucrative, entrepreneurial stint in the economy, Gifford and Libba...

    24 “Future of Work” Voices You Should Know About In 2014
    We all know that workplace and the constituents that make it, are changing. To understand and be ready for this change organizations need thought leaders, thinkers, writers and doers, to help...

    Press Release | Lapham - Miller
    Brian Miller and Mike Lapham of United for a Fair Economy Shatter “Self-Made Myth” and Anti-Government Narrative in Timely New Book San Francisco, CA -- If one truly...

    Agile Companies Have to Treat Their Workers Right
    The following is excerpted from Good Company, by  Laurie Bassi, Ed Frauenheim, Dan McMurrer, Lawrence Costello. *** Business agility refers to an organization’s decision-making speed. An...

    A Welcome and Honest New Book on Outsourcing the Supply Chain
    Blog Post by Pamela J. Gordon TFI’s long-time colleague Professor Andy Tsay (chair of the Operations Management and Information Systems department in the business school at Santa Clara...

    Story of the Fifth Monk
    People often talk in philanthropy about “going further upstream” to address the root causes of problems vs. merely addressing the symptoms.  We talk about gaining greater leverage for change by...

    Exploring the Myths of Team Building in the Digital Age
    Guest Post by Crystal Kadakia I’m really excited to introduce you to a new Berrett-Koehler author, Crystal Kadakia, who is launching her first book, The Millennial Myth, this week. Crystal’s...

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